The listed material is provided under the following conditions:

Reproductions permitted only against payment of reproduction rights, based on the current quotations or special agreement, credited with full name. Double reproduction rights will be charged for not credited photographs. Author’s copy compelling. Property of photographs and annex remains with the photographer.
The whole material has to be returned immediately after publication or examination in original state. For damaged or lost transparencies the customer has to refund a minimum flat rate of CHF 1500.00 for each original transparency. The customer acquires the right for only one single use within the scope of the pre-arranged purpose or publication. Further utilization only with agreement and additional author’s royalties. Processing or archive-use fees according to delivery-note conditions.
The customer has no right to pass on, duplicate, archivate or alterate submitted photographs. They are documents of general information and must therefore be published with objective captions, causing no prejudice to the persons photographed. We decline all responsability in cases where captions and texts added by the publisher or editor imply defamation, or in any event where these are used to illustrate tendentious articles.

Place of implementation and jurisdiction for both parties shall be Zurich, Switzerland, and be subject to Swiss law.

Additional fees for delivery of photographs:
CD CHF 15.- (postage incl)
e-mail CHF 5.- (each mail)
photos CHF 12.50 (13x18 cm, enlargements higher rates, postage incl.)